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#41    2019-04-10 Marcus Foster Email
Vi er kristne organisation dannet for at hjælpe folk med behov for økonomisk hjælp. Så hvis du går igennem økonomiske vanskeligheder, eller hvis du har økonomiske problemer, og du har brug for midler til at starte din egen virksomhed, betale dine regninger, kontakt os nu, vi tilbyder alle slags lån her, vi tilbyder 3% lån om året uden stress, kontakt os i dag for mere info via email: 3% lånetilbud Ansøg nu
#40    2019-03-17 Antonio Mano Email
Hi,im from Brazil,are you interested in trade? Regards
#32    2015-11-06 Bernat Email
Hello, I'm from Spain and I have this Pet caps to change for crown-caps if you are interested: Best regards, Bernat
#31    2013-09-01 MIRCEA IVANOV Email
hi offer romania caps
#30    2012-10-16 laura Email
Hello my name is Laura I'm a collector of crown cap and PET do not know if you are interested in watching my repeated regards Laura
#26    2011-09-19 Charlie Email
Hello ! I can offer you PET caps ,from Hungary,Romania,Croatia,Serbia,etc....I'm not interest PET caps ,only interest crowncaps,or coasters,beerlabels for PET caps.If you are interest swap with me,please write answer. Regards, Karoly ( Charlie )
#24    2011-06-30 Florian
Hello, I found your homepage and can help you with some of your unknown PET caps. 5132 is Rosa, mineral water from Serbia - 5612, 5617, 5618 are various drinks by Oishi from Thailand - I also have a couple of corrections for caps from your collection: 113: Spa is not from Denmark, but from Belgium (sold in various Western European countries) - 705: Not from Latvia, but Estonia. Mineral water Varska - 288: Coca-Cola with football design - definitely not from Germany (I don't know where it's from) 304: Coca-Cola light mit Lemon - not from Germany (probably Austria) 311, 313, 314: Fanta - not from Germany as well 333: Hoop red - from Poland, not Germany 4134: Kellerkalt - from Austria, not Germany - 4128: Radlberger (not Radiberger) - from Austria, not Germany - 4152: RC Q - probably not Germany, I don't think RC was ever sold in Germany 366: Schweppes - definitely not Germany. Schweppes started to use PET caps in 2001 and never changed the design. This cap may be from France, I have one looking similar to your cap. If you send me a bigger picture of the top and especially the inside of your cap 366, I can take a closer look. Best wishes from Germany, Florian
#22    2011-05-14 luiz gustavo Email
hi! my name is luiz from brazil maybe i can help you out with some plastic caps... i collect beer crowncaps regards luiz cci656
#21    2011-04-06 raul Email
Hello, my name is raul Ghezzi and living in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. I have thousands of plastic caps for sale. if you are interested I can send you some pictures. Greetings email:
#13    2010-05-11 Jasvinder Email
Hi, I live in India and can offer you with Indian pet bottle caps.I collect coins and wish to swap caps for coins.If interested mail me. Regards, Jasvinder
#11    2010-04-13 Charlie Email
Hello , I offer you and all PET caps collectors swap ! I have are many different PET caps from HUngary,Romania,Croatia etc..If interest write me answer. I'm only metal ( no PET ) interest caps ( beer,soda,fanta,cola etc..),beercoasters,beerlabels, and I can swap offer PET caps. Regards, Karoly ( Charlie )
#8    2009-11-01 Harald Haßlacher Email
Hello! I´m a crowncaps collector in Austria and wd be interested in caps of beer/wine/soda/mineralwater. Do u have those as well. I cd offer you plasticcaps of Austria - if you pass me your email-address i cd send u some scans. Kd rgds Harry
#6    2009-10-18 Richard Bollar - from Uruguay Email
I d like change my PET CAPS of Uruguay (South America) for CROWN METAL CAPS of the other country. Thanks Richard
#5    2009-08-06 César Freitas Email
Hi, I'm portuguese and, since my collection is only of PET caps and you have a lot of them to exchange, I would like to know if you're interested on trading your PET CAPS for portuguese CROWN METAL CAPS, because I can get you a lot of them. Regardings, César
#4    2009-06-20 jackbe93 Email
i'm a french collector of beer caps (crowns) i'm interested with these caps in your scans : crowns 1 : 37-40-35-45 crowns 2 : 3-22 crowns 4 : 18-21-31-41 crowns 5 : 31-33-40 crowns 6 : 10 i have french pets and other countries. if you are interested with trade i can send you scans.
#3    2009-05-26 Tomasz Badecki Email
Hi! I've just sent a mail to you! I'm interested in a trade Polish plastic caps for Ukrainian metal caps. Are you interested??? Tomek
#2    2009-05-05 Charlie Email
Hello Collector Friend ! my name is KAROLY FOCZE,from HUNGARY.I can send your PET caps,from Hungary,Romania,Czech,Slovakia etc.. I'm interested in crowncaps ( all kind of caps ),beerlabels,beercoasters.I not collect PET caps ,but I have are many swap .If you are interest swap with me,write answer. Regards, Karoly ( Charlie )